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In late September, 2010, I bid farewell to Brooklyn NY and made my way to Waco, TX. It was a 4 day trip for me, one big adventure of a road trip with 120 birds in the back of my car. I had all kind of things happening to me on this trip. Flat tires in the middle of the night, not being able to get the spare from it's hub underneath the car, transmission giving me problems, burning too much gas whenever I went above 55 mph, but I made it.

I dropped my birds off in Moody Texas. Cudos to Ted Dine who made room for my birds in his loft and put them back in good condition from the stress of the trip.

Started working on my loft. Got it in some semblance of a space, put my birds in there and worked on it at a slow pace.

I got impatient, and let 50 of my young 2010 birds out after a month (too soon). Didnt heed my own advise about letting the birds come out on thier own, and I put them out. They went on top of the loft and within 5 minutes, the cooper hawk jumped down on them. Birds were everywhere... about 15 formed up, went up, and next thing I saw was them heading northeast. 15 came back that evening and 12 the next day. But the rest, Gone... Don't think they made it back to NYC, but somebody in Arkansas and Tennesee got some nice birds.

I will be adding to my site as I get things going. So drop in every once in a while and you will see the changes.



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