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Welcome to White Cloud Loft. I have Racing Homers, White Homers, and Colorful Homers. I get a thrill everytime I open the coop door, and my Homers come flying out like a bat outta hell.

Today I got a bigger thrill. I let my Young Birds out for the second time. Yesterday they flew all over the place. A small group did form up, but the majority of them flew in all directions. Today a group of about 25 formed up and took to the sky like a team that had been flying for years. They went up into the Pen, and were GONE... About 12 of the other young ones couldnt hang and banged out. I will give them another 5 days to shape up, or they will be gone

When the rest of the young ones are out and flying I figure I will have a team of 50 young birds flying. Last year I didnt get rid of anything. I either lost them or they got caught by the Hawk/Falcon (which was rare). This year I will be taking the ones that can't hack it to the auction or pet shop.

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